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Software Devlopment

ChipNotion is a leading provider of software development for automotive systems, delivering high-quality software with flexible Agile methodologies. Our services encompass development for both AUTOSAR Classic or Adaptive, and Non-AUTOSAR Software.From concept to implementation, we work closely with our clients, assisting in creating specifications, developing software architecture, automatic code generation, manual coding and conducting continuious integration tests.Quality is our commitment at ChipNotion. We adhere to the highest standards like ASPICE and follow industry best practices to ensure top-tier code delivery. Our primary mission is to deliver high-quality and functional software across a wide range of domains in the automotive industry.

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Sofware & System Testing

ChipNotion offers a wide range of Software Testing Services for various applications. Our services include testing and verifying requirements to ensure comprehensive testing coverage. We apply different levels of verification, such as Model-in-the-Loop (MIL), Software-in-the-Loop (SIL), and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL), to thoroughly verify and test both the software and the system.Our team is highly skilled in software testing, with experience in several scripting languages. We have a proven track record of working on diverse projects with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our flexibility allows us to work on any test bench and conduct manual testing, ensuring the highest quality of software delivery.In addition to our testing services, we offer System Validation Testing and System Integration Testing. Our team is experienced in working with well-known test environments such as Vector and Elektrobit. At ChipNotion, we are committed to delivering top-tier software solutions and ensuring the highest quality through our rigorous testing and verification processes.

our Services

Safety and Security Consulting

ChipNotion offers Functional Safety and Cyber Security services as a key part of our portfolio. We support OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in adhering to and applying ISO26262 for different ASIL levels. Our services include a wide range of support such as Secure Boot, Secure flashing, and configuring security Autosar Stacks with various Encryption Algorithms like AES.We take pride in ensuring functional safety on all our projects. Our team is experienced with AUTOSAR safety requirements and has safety platform experience on complex multi-core advanced SoCs. We have a clear, quality-oriented safety process that includes internal quality processes, documents, and templates available for A-SPICE process groups SWE1 to SWE6. We support up to ASIL-D and have implemented safety concepts from the idea phase to validation.Our cyber security team ensures a secure outcome every time. We employ a variety of techniques, including Secure Boot, Key Management, Certificate Management, Secure Bus Communication, and TARA. We go beyond the standard, using advanced techniques like an Intrusion Detection System to protect software from threats. After full implementation, we optimize everything for performance, ensuring a quick and secure operation. At ChipNotion, we cover every angle to meet all functional safety and cyber security requirements.

Founded in 2021, our company is dedicated to providing innovative software solutions and expert consulting for the automotive industry.

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